Debbie Lynn Zwiebach

Zwiebach Creations is a series of collections (see all image categories under the "Portfolio" tab) including “Kaleidoscopes“, “Renaissance and “Landscapes” created by artist Debbie Lynn Zwiebach. This original art employs pen and ink, watercolor, color and metallic markers, along with acid free ink colored pens to create these mesmerizing designs, which are not only stunning; but are also 3D!

Each original is drawn freehand on illustration board. The drawing is initially done with black pen which takes about 100 hours. Once this phase is complete, 200 or more hours are devoted into adding colors and embellishment. The result is the creation of the breathtaking designs included in this website. The creations are unlike anything available from any other living artist.

The designs are then reproduced as giclee prints. What is a giclee print? See here.